Welcome to the D. Fish Productions Wiki

D. Fish productions is an independent film studio started in 2014 in San Francisco, California by producer Dylan Michael Fishburn. All films are available on YouTube .


Short Films

Future Projects

  • The Wright Family Chronicles: The Last Will and Testament of Ed Wright (2015)
  • Fletcher (2015)
  • November the Third (Second Sequel)

Projects in Hiatus/Cancelled

  • The Tangler 2 (Cancelled)
  • Dracula: Pitch of Darkness (Cancelled)
  • Untitled Country Project (Hiatus)

Other Projects

  • Excuses (Web Series Pilot) Filmed in December 2013

Recurring Cast

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Garrick Sather Actor (1 Film, 1 TBA) Photo courtesy of Justin Blackman Photography

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Dylan Michael Fishburn CEO/ Producer/Director

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Kelsey Ofenstein Actress (2 Films)

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Emily Sue Dawson- Actress (1 Film, 1 TBA)

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